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You’ve already taken the first step in your legal search. A law firm may contact you soon to review your legal issue and discuss your options. The choice to hire a law firm, or not, is yours and you are under no obligation to retain services. Consumers and businesses have additional options to educate themselves about their case.

Online Legal Advice Phone or Chat Service

You may also consider online legal services where you pay a small fee to talk or chat with a real lawyer. Phone advice services are commonly 30-minute discussions with a lawyer. Chat services generally allow you to ask one specific question and a lawyer will respond online. In both cases, you are buying time from a licensed lawyer who has an ethical responsibility to answer your questions honestly and fairly. “Ask a Lawyer” services are especially helpful when lawyer will not return your call, a common problem for certain legal issues.

Legal Advice Forums

Several online forums are frequented by attorneys answering basic questions posed by consumers. And if you are lucky, and spend enough time reading the forums, then you may find an answer from someone who had a case similar to yours. Forum lawyers will commonly answer with a generic reply and a disclaimer “…, but every case is unique and you should seek the advice of a lawyer for a specific answer.” Due to the nature of the legal profession, lawyers often cannot or will not answer consumer legal questions directly online. With that said, if you read enough of these forum posts and replies, then you will learn more about your rights.

Online Legal Forms

If you are a true do-it-yourselfer and want to download and complete your own paperwork, applications, or forms then you may consider an online legal form service. You can search for your legal issue and find forms customized to your state laws and court rules.

Legal matters are stressful, especially when you are emotionally attached to the outcome. Talk with legal professionals, learn about the law, and stand by your position. You have legal rights.