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Is Your Invention Patentable?

To file a patent in the United States, your concept must meet three requirements of 1) novelty 2) non-obviousness and 3) utility. In plain English this means your invention must be new and useful. Your application will be rejected if the invention:

  • is already known or in use
  • has been previously patented or described in writing in a printed publication
  • was in public use or on sale for over one year prior to the application

Conditions for successfully filing a patent are a bit more nuanced than just these criteria. A patent lawyer can determine if your invention meets the criteria for novelty and non-obviousness.

How we help Innovators Protect your Intellectual Property

Determining patentability is always the first step in securing your intellectual property. A patent lawyer can help you:

  • Determine if your invention is patentable
  • Search for similar inventions and write patent applications
  • Protect your patent from infringement

A licensed patent lawyer will keep you informed about the different steps of the process and that the entire patent proceeds smoothly.

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Free Consultation with a Patent Lawyer

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